What do I need to open a Safe Deposit Box Account?

You will need:

• One proof of identity such as: Current Passport, Id or Driver License of USA.

• One proof of address such as: Utility Bill – Water, Light, Gas, Telephone, or Bank Statement. (Dated within the last three months).

• Fill an application with a non-refundable deposit of $10.

• Get Approval or Denial within 20 minutes.

• Complete Rental, Liability and Insurance Contracts if approved.

• Pay Monthly fee agreed and Security Deposit.

• Client Registration with signature, fingerprint, facial and access card.

• Now you are an Official Member of Vaultek International.

What the minimum Rental Period?

The minimum Rental Period is 3 Months and there is no maximum length.

How many people I can include in my Account?

You may have up to two more people registered under you account and they will have your same access. Each additional person must apply and pay the non-refundable deposit of $10. If your two people are not available they can later be added into the main account holder.

Can I arrange a third party to open my Box?

If the person is not register and authorize that third party may not enter the vault. Not even if they bring the key and you call us or send us an email. For us your security is the most important part and we will protect your values at the highest level of security.

How many keys can you provide to me?

• We provide two keys for the Safe Deposit Box; these are the ONLY copies for your box. We don not keep any customer’s copies.

• If you loose them there is an extra charge to change the lock with the local locksmith.

• Members cannot duplicate the key, if is found to have duplicated them; they loose the security deposit and might be denied the following renewal.

What are the Sizes you offer?

BOX A 3" X 5" X 24"
BOX B 3" X 10" X 24"
BOX C 5" X 10" X 24"
BOX D 10" X 10" X 24"

How do I pay my Box?

You can pay with Master Card, Visa, American Express, Pay-Pal, Venmo, Zelle, check, and wire transfer. Some fees may apply. Recurrent payments can be set up at the Member Registration or any other time just by signing the approval

Can I take my box to view it in a private place?

Yes, you have three Private Rooms with absolute privacy. You can only enter one person per room. You will have 15-20 Minutes to view your box. Also, you can schedule an appointment if you don’t have time to wait.

Does Vaultek charge a fee every time I want to check my box?

No, we don’t charge any fee. You will have unlimited access during operational hours and we offer an appointment system to expedite the visit

How is the process to access my box?

• You are free to come and visit us anytime you wish.

• At the lobby station you will present the Access Card Number and Signature.

• To Gain Access into the Vault Lounge Area, Members must pass thru Finger Print Verification.

• The Lounge Area is design as waiting area or you as a Member can reserve one space for special and private meetings.

• Our “Safer” will be at your side to pass thru the next Security Protocol of Facial Recognition. As it is authorized you may enter the Viewing Rooms and Main Vault.

• Your Key and the Vaultek Key must be present at the same time, in order to open the box.

• Members will be escorted until the Viewing Rooms. There are not CTV in the Rooms for the privacy of the boxes content.

• As they finish, the “Safer” will be waiting outside.

• The Box must go back to the Vault and customer leaves as the two keys close the box.

I need to inform what I have in my Safe Deposit Box?

No. You don’t need to disclose to Vaultek what do you have in your box. We recommend keeping inventory of everything you have and pictures, especially when having more than one authorized person to view the box.

How much can I store in the box?

At the contract we will specify the maximum weight accepted per box. It can vary depending the size and location of the box.

What can I keep in my Box?

You can keep any precious metals, jewelry, crypto-currencies, cash, bonds, stamp collection, data files, heirlooms, passport, will, property titles, important documents or any asset that is legal in the state of Florida.

What I can NOT keep in my box?

• You can NOT keep illegal items that constitutes a threat to the Vault, the Local or Federal law.

• You can NOT bring proceeds from money laundering, chemicals, drugs, crime, kidnapping or human trafficking.

• You can NOT have noxious, toxic, poisonous, corrosive, inflammable, explosive, unstable, guns, knives, fire-arms or ammunition.

If we found any Member breaking up the rules the Membership is immediately canceled.

Does Vaultek offer insurance?

Vaultek will offer the following Basic Insurance Coverage with SDBIC and AXA ART Insurance Companies.

BOX A $5,000.00
BOX B $10,000.00
BOX C $10,000.00
BOX D $20,000.00

For additional coverage, SDBIC and AXA ART can offer up to $500,000 policy insurance with no disclosure or appraisal. Please contact them directly or you may use another insurance company.

Can I cancel the contract? Can I Downgrade or Upgrade at any time?

You can cancel the contract but the Contract Commitment is enforced, so for example you reserve a box for One year and in six months you cancel, you must pay the balance in order to cancel or wait until the term is over. Also, if you want to downgrade you have to wait until the contract plan is over and after that you can downgrade your box (No refunds). In case you want to upgrade you can do it at any time paying the balance of the box fees.

What happens in the event that I die?

In the Rental Contract you will have a space to authorize in case of death one or two people to open the Safe Deposit Box. They must bring the Certificate of Death notarized. The Certificate will be verified and after that the authorized people can removed the items at the box if they have the key. If they don’t have the key they must pay locksmith to open the lock for an extra fee.

Vaultek will offer the Will or Inheritance Boxes design specially to open after your death or on a specific date you have selected. We close the Box with Wax until it can be open. The fees for these boxes must be paid per minimum of three years in advance.

Can the Government get access to my Safe Deposit Box?

No. But we must grant access if the Government brings a Warrant signed by the Florida Court.

Are Vaultek a safe place to have my values?

Yes, we are safer than a bank. Vaultek counts with the most advanced technology and security that surpass bank security levels. We have designed a system that we ensure no one can fake your identity by integrating four security protocols before entering the vault.

How do Vaultek manage my personal information?

We protect the confidentiality of our clients and their personal information to maintain a low profile. We manage a very high Privacy Level at Vaultek. It is very important that our clients feel safe and trust that all information and values are secure. We assure your information will not be sold or used for marketing campaigns.

How do you train your personnel?

Our personnel are highly trained professionals that have to pass several exams before becoming a Vaultek Team Member. When they start working with us they have continuous test, training, polygraph and many other security techniques to ensure the loyalty of our employees. Additional, none of the personnel will have full access to the security protocols of the vault.

If I am not able to pay the box or what happen if I am late?

If a member cannot pay the monthly fees, he must advice to close the account and we can stay with the security deposit to cover the debt of the contract. If you are late we will charge a monthly interest prorated to the late days.

Are Safe Box Deposit Box protected from fire, flood and other disasters?

Our Boxes are made out of steel and aluminum which make them resistant to fire, flood or any other disaster. Our priority is the security and protection of the most prized possessions.

If Vaultek is liquidated, are my valuables secured?

Yes, you Values are Secure. In the Event Vaultek gets liquidated, your assets cannot be seized by liquidator or administrator, because at no time can the contents of your personal safety deposit box be deemed as assets of Vaultek.